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In-home hospice care ensures your loved one receives the quality care they need and deserve from the comfort of their own home. For exceptional hospice services in Houston, Texas, choose Bayou City Hospice. Our team is made up of experienced caregivers dedicated to meeting your loved one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We provide care wherever the patient calls home, including private residences, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or residential facilities. We’ll keep your loved one comfortable while providing peace of mind to you and your family. A little bit of help goes a long way. Contact Bayou City Hospice today to learn more.

Our Home Health Services

As a palliative care service, hospice care focuses on keeping care recipients as comfortable as possible during their end-of-life journey. We offer two types of in home hospice care: routine and continuous. With routine home care, a caregiver will come to the patient’s residence up to 7 days per week. With continuous care, a nurse or aide will stay at the patient’s residence for up to 24 hours per day. The right care option for your loved one is determined by their specific care needs. If you’re not sure which is the best choice for your family member, we’re happy to discuss this with you. No matter which level of care we’re providing, Bayou City Hospice in Houston is committed to managing your loved one’s symptoms to reduce pain and discomfort and make their time at home more peaceful.

In addition to providing home visits, hospice care covers the cost of the medication used to address your loved one’s terminal diagnosis or comfort. Hospice care also provides medical supplies and equipment related to your loved one’s specific care and comfort needs, such as a wheelchair, hospital bed, incontinence supplies, oxygen concentrator, and other necessary items. Give us a call to learn more about what is and is not included in hospice care.

Routine Services

The most common type of hospice care is routine home care. This level of care includes visits from a care team member up to seven days per week. These visits can be regularly scheduled or on an on-call basis, and they occur to provide patients with symptom management, palliative care, and to help prevent crises. Routine home care allows hospice care recipients in Houston to stay in their homes, which many find to be more comfortable than a hospital. We also have a 24-hour call line where you can access assistance from a Nurse Manager and on-call staff no matter the time of day or night.
Routine Home Care
Continuous Care

Continuous Services

Continuous care includes healthcare provided up to 24 hours per day and is typically offered when routine visits aren’t sufficiently controlling your loved one’s symptoms. With routine care, nurses or nursing aides will remain bedside in order to monitor your loved one’s condition and quickly address changes in their symptoms or comfort level. We’ll also keep your loved one’s physicians and RN Case Managers up to date on the patient’s health status so everyone is on the same page. Continuous care is great way to ensure your loved one receives timely care and your family receives emotional support. Continuous care also allows you to take a step back from caregiving to focus on enjoying quality time with your family.

Supplemental Services

To make sure patients receive the best care possible, Bayou City Hospice offers supplemental services in addition to medical services. Supplemental services go above and beyond what’s required by Medicare and include options like pet therapy, massage therapy, and music therapy. Supplemental options provide non-medical techniques to help manage a patient’s symptoms, control pain and reduce stress.
Supplemental Care

About Our Team

Locally owned and operated, Bayou City Hospice is honored to serve the Houston Texas community. We’re dedicated to making each hospice care patient as comfortable as possible by providing high-quality, attentive care and valuable services. Our team is made of experienced physicians, social workers, spiritual counselors, home health aides, nurses, bereavement counselors, and volunteers ready to do everything they can to address your loved one’s physical, mental, and emotional needs.

To help ensure each hospice care recipient gets the best possible care, we keep each caregiver’s caseload low, allowing them to provide the time and attention your loved one deserves. In addition to caring for patients, we offer education to patients and families, so you better understand what to expect during the hospice care experience and the end-of-life journey.

Quality Care

Benefits of Hospice Care

Watching a loved one struggle with their health isn’t easy. Fortunately, hospice care can help make the experience less overwhelming for everyone involved. Hospice care ensures your loved one receives quality care from experienced caregivers in the comfort of their home. We offer physical, mental, and emotional support to your loved one as well as peace of mind to you and your family. Hospice care in Houston provides a variety of benefits for patients and families.

Your Loved One Remains at Home

Home health care allows your loved one to spend time at home while still having access to top-notch healthcare. Trips to the hospital can cause patients stress and hardship, so keeping people in a familiar and comfortable environment creates a more positive experience for everyone. Our hospice care team members provide care wherever your loved one calls home, including private residences, residential facilities, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes. Having extra people present to assist with caregiving also gives you the opportunity to spend more time with your loved one without focusing on healthcare tasks.
Patients Stay Where They're Comfortable
Peace of Mind

Expert Assistance

Your loved one deserves high-quality care from knowledgeable and devoted professionals. The Bayou City Hospice Houston team consists of experienced medical professionals plus spiritual counselors, social workers and more to address your loved one’s physical, mental, and emotional needs. In everything we do, we strive to manage symptoms, prevent crises, and make the patient as comfortable as possible while staying in familiar environment. Routine home care is available up to seven days a week and continuous hospice care is available up to 24 hours a day. This allows our nurses and health aides to monitor the patient’s condition and comfort level while providing emotional support for the family.

Peace of Mind

In-home hospice care offers peace of mind during a time that may feel difficult or emotionally exhausting. With your loved one in hospice care, you can feel confident that they’re being well cared for and are as comfortable as possible in their own home. We provide hospice care services based on the wishes and needs of patients and their families, so you can trust that we’re working with the best interests of the patient in mind every step of the way. Having our team members present can also help ease the stress of being a family caregiver and allow you to relax a bit and enjoy your loved one’s company. If you ever need us, we’re only a phone call away.

When you need caregiving help, Bayou City Hospice is the right choice. Contact us today to learn more about our services in Houston, Texas.

We Are Local

We Are Local

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