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Quality Hospice Care in Houston and Katy Texas

Quality Hospice Care in Houston and Katy Texas

Bayou City Hospice is dedicated to providing top-notch hospice care in Katy and the Houston area. We strive to enhance your loved one’s quality of life through a range of hospice and palliative care services that put the patient’s needs and desires first. Whenever possible, we provide care wherever the patient calls home so they can remain in a comfortable environment. The Bayou City Hospice team includes experienced physicians, social workers, chaplains, and more to address the patient’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We’ll work with your loved one and your family each step of the way to navigate this experience. We are honored to serve your family and provide the best end-of-life care. Contact us to learn more about hospice care in Katy Texas.

Care Services from the Comfort of Home

Unnecessary hospitalizations can cause stress on patients and families, so we help patients remain in the comfort of their home when possible. Our patient-centered approach includes customized services based on the unique needs and wishes of each hospice client and their family. Care can be provided on an as-needed basis or through routinely scheduled visits and is offered for up to 24 hours per day. Our staff members are in frequent communication with each other to ensure your loved one is receiving the proper level of care based on their needs and to address any changes in your loved one’s condition.

Hospice care is offered when curative treatments are not an option or not wanted by the patient. Instead of aiming to cure someone, hospice keeps the patient as comfortable as possible. Services include providing patients with medical equipment, medication, healthcare supplies, and other resources. Our staff provides holistic care, manages the patient’s symptoms, and helps prevent crises.

Care Services from the Comfort of Home

We offer multiple types of hospice care based on the patient’s specific needs, including routine and continuous in-home hospice plus general inpatient hospice care. Routine care hospice includes scheduled and on-call visits to the patient’s home up to seven days per week. The patient’s home is wherever the patient lives, whether that is a private residence, nursing home, assisted living facility, or other residential facility. Continuous care includes short-term care provided at home for up to 24 hours per day. It is offered when symptoms aren’t being effectively controlled through regular visits. General inpatient care allows hospice clients to spend time at a hospital or nursing facility when their symptoms can’t be managed at home. The goal of general inpatient care is to stabilize the patient’s condition so they can return to their home.

Our hospice services also include respite care, during which our team provides care at the patient’s home, inpatient unit, or nursing facility for up to five days. This allows you and your family to take a break from caregiving, attend events out of town, or simply rest.

Additionally, Bayou City Hospice offers palliative care, which aims to improve the patient’s quality of life. Palliative services include managing the patient’s symptoms, reducing their pain, easing the side effects of medication, and supporting their emotional, social, and spiritual needs. Our team can help ward off feelings of loneliness, educate the patient and their family about different types of hospice care, and inform everyone on different resources available.

A Holistic Approach to Health Care

A Holistic Approach to Health Care

Your loved one deserves the best care. That’s why we offer a variety of services that address each patient’s physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social needs. Our team includes physicians, nurses, home health aides, dietary counselors, spiritual counselors, and social workers. The care services your loved one receives are based on their unique preferences and needs. Our staff provides each service with the goal of improving the patient’s quality of life.

Why Choose Bayou City Hospice

Bayou City Hospice believes in providing care centered around each patient’s specific needs and wants. To achieve this, we have built a team of experienced professionals and we ensure our staff has the time and resources needed to provide the best care possible. We strive to keep patients comfortable and make the hospice experience easier for everyone involved. Our Bayou City Hospice Difference means we provide the highest level of care, have a team of experts, offer 24/7 support, are there when it counts, and collaborate with other Houston area organizations.

As a Texas-based business, we’re proud to offer top-notch Katy hospice and palliative care services that improve your loved one’s quality of life. We can quickly address immediate concerns and make decisions thanks to our local ownership, ensuring people get the care they need as fast as possible. We also have some of the industry’s best patient-to-staff ratios, which allows staff members to dedicate more time and attention to each patient, provide better care, and communicate more frequently with the patient’s family.

Situations can arise no matter the day or time, which is why our services include a 24-hour call line. You can access a Nurse Manager whenever you need support, and our on-call team is available for after-hours needs. Whenever you need us, we’re here to help. The type and amount of care provided is based on your loved one’s specific needs. When hospice patients need more support, we can increase the frequency of visits and even provide 24/7 care.

We have also built strong relationships with other health care facilities in Katy and Houston TX. You can trust that even if your loved one spends time in a long-term care facility or assisted living facility, they’ll receive the same top-notch care that we give patients in their houses. We communicate frequently with local facilities to make sure our patients’ needs are being met and the family is kept up to date.

You want the best for the people you love. When a loved one needs hospice care, you can count on Bayou City Hospice to improve their quality of life. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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