Hospice Volunteer Opportunities Houston Texas

Importance of Hospice Care 

Through hospice care we strive to enrich our community members by providing end-of-life care, emotional and spiritual support, and a variety of other healthcare services to both patients and their families throughout Houston Texas and surrounding areas. Hospice care focuses mainly on providing support to give peace of mind to families and patients during difficult times, maintaining clear communication about the type of care patients are receiving, and making patients within our local community as comfortable as possible through their health journey. 

Volunteers Supporting Hospice Services 

Our additional services vary depending on the needs of patients and we work with families to create care plans that support them best including home visits, inpatient care, short-term continuous care, palliative care, and more. To volunteer with Bayou City Hospice Houston is adding value to those who need additional support. Through our volunteer program there are a variety of ways one can give to their community members. Our volunteer program is a way to donate time and energy to those in our Houston Texas neighborhoods who can greatly benefit from community support. 

Committed to Quality Hospice Care

Within our hospice care network our team strives to surpass not only the expectations of the patients and their families but also the expectations we set ourselves. We know that caring for hospice patients is a great responsibility and we take it very seriously. Our team of qualified experts includes social workers, registered nurse case managers, hospice aides, physicians, and our volunteers. 

Our Volunteers are valuable individuals who offer their support in a variety of ways:

Bayou City Hospice Mission 

At Bayou City Hospice we are there when our Houston patients need us. We give excellent care to all of our patients in whatever ways they require, whether they’re in a full-care hospice program or are in need of temporary respite care to give families a short time to recharge or take care of other obligations. Our support team can assist families and caregivers with 24 phone support to provide information and assistance even when one of our healthcare workers isn’t on-site. Each program we run is designed to not just be a healthcare service, but a community resource so families and caregivers aren’t spending unnecessary time trying to track down information and assistance. As a business we are committed to providing quality care within our Houston community and focus our energy on continuing to raise the bar on hospice care in Texas. 

Volunteer Locally 

Because Bayou City Hospice is locally owned here in Houston, when you volunteer alongside our staff you are working within your own community. Being locally owned gives us a great advantage when dealing with difficult situations or crises as we can make decisions quickly, have access to immediate resources, and can address all hospice issues that require a fast response. We are proud to be a part of the Houston healthcare network and are grateful to provide volunteer opportunities that serve the community around us.

Volunteering Opportunities

There are many volunteer opportunities available and our volunteer program can be flexible to fit your work schedule or personal life. Whether your personal strengths lie in organization or you tend to feel more comfortable building interpersonal relationships there are community volunteer opportunities available to best suit what you believe works best for you. If you have any questions regarding potential opportunities or need clarification please fill out our volunteer form and we can send you more information.

The Importance of Volunteering in Hospice

 The most important part of our community volunteer program is the impact that the time and energy you donate will make on those who are in a difficult season of life. There are also opportunities for training to empower you to make an even more substantial difference than you thought you could. Just showing up to give back to the people of Houston is a massive gift, and we want to help place our volunteers in ways that when they shine, they are making an impact on our collective Houston community. There are many incredible volunteer opportunities in the city of Houston, and when you give back to your local community it truly has an impact on the world around us. 

Offering Excellent Hospice Care

The Bayou City Hospice team is dedicated to continuously setting a new standard of care for hospice patients and end of life patient care. Our team works in collaboration with the Houston healthcare community to make sure the needs of our patients are met across all healthcare providers and there are no gaps in communication, follow through, and specialized care. Our volunteers expand that network and help create a larger sense of family within our local community and within our relationships with each patient.

Individualized Care Plans

Through the years of experience working with many patients we understand how much care needs can change over time and accommodate our patients by creating individualized plans of care that are able to change and adapt quickly without jumping through hoops. Our services cover mental, social, physical, and emotional needs. The assistance of volunteers extends those services beyond professional healthcare and turns our patient-focused services into something even more personal.

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Our Volunteers are valuable individuals who offer their support in a variety of ways:

Volunteer Placement 

Volunteer placement is key to creating a positive volunteer experience for everyone involved. We believe that volunteers offer a wide variety of skills, knowledge, and abilities that when paired with our incredible staff can make an incredible difference in the Houston hospice community. Some of our volunteers enjoy spending their time with patients helping them with casual daily pass times like reading, or writing, or even spending quiet time watching TV with someone who is lonely, but doesn’t always have the physical or emotional energy to be social. There are more administrative volunteer opportunities like making phone calls or even running errands. Some of our volunteers even spend time making treats or other goods for patients which can be a great gift to someone who is struggling through a difficult time. We have multiple positions for volunteers to be placed in and take placement very seriously so that you are able to find a position within the volunteer program that you are comfortable with. 

Patient Visitor

There is a huge range of patients throughout Houston that are in varying stages of their health journey. In some circumstances caretakers, family members, and other people in their life don’t have the time or capacity to visit patients as often as they would like, so within our volunteer program we assign patient visitors. Patients and volunteers will be paired together and can spend time together socializing and creating companionship. We find this to be a crucial part of our volunteer program as many patients feel isolated in their illnesses and don’t get as much social fulfillment as they want or are used to. In these situations volunteers will typically spend time reading, watching tv, playing games, or simply having engaging conversations with the patients. This is an excellent way volunteers can donate time to help individuals within our hospice care network. 

Office Assistance 

For those who thrive with organization, administrative work, and are more task oriented there are excellent volunteer positions at our office in Houston. No job is unimportant in the world of healthcare and doing volunteer office assisting is a massive help to the community we serve. Office assisting tasks include things like uploading important documents, creating information packets for patients and their family members, photocopying and scanning, general filing, and more.

Volunteer Opportunities for All Types of People

 Some of our volunteers want to help but don’t want to be in the field, so volunteering in the office allows them to put their skills and time to great use helping us stay organized and up-to-date so everything runs smoothly. Others thrive in interpersonal connections and truly want to have personal interactions and connections with patients. We want to encourage all types of people to volunteer so whatever your skillet may be we can offer training and fit you into a volunteer position that works for you. 

Volunteer Training

While every volunteer has skills, strengths, and talents to bring to the table we offer training in several areas that can help equip our volunteer team to feel more prepared. In some cases this training can enforce knowledge you already have, or be completely new to you. As a part of our volunteer program we want everyone to feel strongly about the impact they’re making and continue to make a difference. 

Volunteer Today

Our volunteer program is a great way to bring fulfillment to someone who is in a difficult stage of life. We provide a unique form of care to our hospice patients and their loved ones to make sure no matter what their needs are we can do our best to ease the situation and increase quality of life. Our volunteer services help expand the compassionate, patient-focused level of care that is at the heart of Bayou City Hospice. If you feel like joining the Bayou City Hospice Houston volunteer program we have a simple process to get you started. Fill out the volunteer form on our website to get started and join alongside our incredible staff in providing excellent service to hospice patients in need.

Getting Started

The application process is fairly simple but requires a few steps in order to get started. Begin by filling out our application form on our website and we will reach out to you to follow up with a few extra details before your application is approved and your orientation process begins! We are so excited to have you join the Bayou City volunteer program.

Application & Reference Check

The first step in the process is a simple application to tell us more about yourself, your general background, and what experiences you have both personal and professional to help us understand what volunteer opportunities will best suit you. We also require two standard personal references outside of your family.

Background Check*

Once your application is reviewed and references contacted we will require a standard background check. This is a typical background check that is done prior to many volunteer opportunities when working with patients. 

Online Orientation

Once you have the green light on your application, references, and background check we will begin a simple online orientation to help you become more familiar with our services and how we operate. 

Office Orientation

Finally your office orientation will begin! We will further familiarize you with how we operate and what services we offer in more detail, talk about potential training opportunities, and finalize volunteer placement so you end up in a volunteer position that fits.

*Cost is covered by Bayou City Hospice but services must be rendered at the designated locations. If your heart is stirring to serve our community, we’d love to talk to with you! Please email our Volunteer Coordinator or click to call (281) 948-6914 to explore the possibilities.
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I understand that the information provided in this application to Bayou City Hospice is part of the permanent volunteer file at Bayou City and is only available to authorized Hospice staff and volunteers. I understand that if I am accepted as a volunteer with Bayou City Hospice I am agreeing to attend volunteer support and education sessions provided by Bayou City Hospice and abide by the policies and procedures of Bayou City Hospice. I authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application. I understand that the misrepresentation or omission of facts called for is cause for dismissal at any time without any previous notice. I hereby give Bayou City Hospice permission to contact schools, previous employers (unless otherwise indicated), references, and others, and hereby release Bayou City Hospice from any liability as a result of such contact. I also understand that Bayou City Hospice requires pre placement drug testing, background check/finger printing, and TB testing and consent to and compliance with such policy is a condition for acceptance as a volunteer.