Support patient health at home with palliative care

Everyone deserves to feel cared about, supported, and as comfortable as possible while dealing with serious illness. This is the experience we’re dedicated to providing through palliative care at Bayou City Hospice. While curative treatment is focused on curing the patient, palliative care instead focuses on the patient’s comfort by addressing their physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs. This type of care helps relieve symptoms and improve the patient’s quality of life. It may include medicine, different types of therapy, meetings with counselors, and more. Each experience is customized to fit the individual patient’s unique needs and circumstances.

This service can help people get relief from symptoms like depression, anxiety, physical pain, nausea, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, and more. It can be provided to patients who are receiving curative treatment as well as those who are not, and is often beneficial to people with serious illnesses like cancer, lung disease, kidney disease, heart disease, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and others. Unlike hospice care, palliative services can be provided as early as diagnosis and at any time throughout a patient’s illness. Contact Bayou City Hospice in Houston, Texas to learn more.

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Are palliative and hospice care the same?

Palliative care and hospice care share the goal of making a patient as comfortable as possible rather than trying to cure their illness. While they both address the patient’s physical comfort and emotional needs, they are different services.

Palliative services rely on medical professionals, counselors, therapists, and social workers to relieve a patient’s physical discomfort and provide moral support. Services can be provided at any stage of a patient’s illness and regardless of whether or not the patient is also receiving curative treatment. Bayou City Hospice offers palliative options wherever the patient calls home.

Hospice care is typically provided to patients who are not receiving curative treatment and who are in the last six months of their life. A hospice team relies on home health aides, nurses, and physicians to manage the patient’s symptoms and provide medical support. Hospice patients receive service in the comfort of their own home. Hospice care can also include palliative services to provide mental and emotional support. Bayou City Hospice offers palliative options as well as hospice options to Houston area residents.

Benefits of palliative care

While palliative care won’t cure a patient, it does improve their quality of life and help keep them as comfortable as possible. Palliative options may include medical treatments or medicines to help reduce the amount of physical pain or discomfort a patient is experiencing or to encourage a greater appetite. Counseling or support groups ensure patients have someone to talk to and support their mental well-being. Spiritual counseling is often available as well, as is therapy that involves enjoyable activities like music or interacting with pets to give patients a break from focusing on their illness. By keeping people feeling well enough to stay out of the hospital, these options can also help Houston patients and families reduce their medical expenses.

Our services

Bayou City Hospice offers a range of palliative services to residents of Houston, Texas and the surrounding area. On the medical side of our options, we can administer palliative medicine to give people relief from uncomfortable side effects of their illness or other medications they’re taking. Our physicians, nurses, and home health aides can help patients understand their treatment options and manage their symptoms from the comfort of their own home. We can also suggest adjustments to a patient’s diet to support their overall wellness.

Our non-medical options include meetings with spiritual counselors for comfort and guidance, and meetings with social workers to support patients and families and advocate for them. We also offer music therapy, pet therapy, and massage therapy to improve the patient’s emotional and mental health. We also have a team of dedicated volunteers to help out however needed.

In addition to palliative services, we also offer hospice options and long-term and short-term support options. We’re committed to providing high-quality care to every patient, whether they’re at home or in a medical facility. Contact Bayou City Hospice today for more information.

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